The Puka Project

A community led Initiative

         This is our heart and how we give back

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The Puka Project is a community led initiative with the mission to bring our island ‘ohana (family) closer together to support one another. 

Read about the 2018 Puka Project and Recipients here!

Our business and kuleana (responsibility) is crafting one-of-a-kind healing puka necklaces. We wanted to spread the puka love and healing to those that need it most, but we quickly realized we couldn't do it alone.

So we started The Puka Project, Maui's first ever "puka drive". This community project gives everyone the opportunity to do something small and simple to create something big and powerful. Simply-- find a puka, pick it up, infuse it with your healing energy, and pass it on to someone who needs it. Read on to learn more.

2017 was The Puka Project's first year sponsoring community puka drives. We successfully collected pukas to create healing puka necklaces for 3 nominated Maui women and 1 little girl. These women are our community’s heroes; they represent all of the heroes that we admire and respect for their braveness in adversity, their softness and strength in a time of hardship, honoring their unique healing journey.

The energy of the Puka Drive was visceral. With each puka drive more of the community got involved and the giving got stronger.  The growing support was beautiful to be a part of. 

Our goal is to sponsor puka drives for 3 community heroes at the end of every year when energy is at its peak and the giving spirit is with us. It gives everyone all year to find a puka (or a few!) to pass on.

My email inbox is open year round for nominations for Maui heroes that deserve and need some extra love and healing. 3 heroes will be chosen from the nominations for Puka Projects, and if they accept we will sponsor a puka drive in their honor to collect puka shells for their necklace.

If you live off island and would like to send pukas, email me for address!

If you live off island and would like to send pukas, email me for address!

During the Puka Drive, drop boxes will be placed around the island where you can drop your puka shell and send good vibes (small cards are provided if you wish to scribe your good vibe). WE LOVE OUR PUKA PROJECT PARTNERS/DROP LOCATONS! BIG MAHALO TO YOU!

With the shells we collect, Puka Perri will string a supercharged puka necklace that will hold healing mana from each person who participates. The necklace symbolizes unity, strength, and love and will remind them of the support that is always with them. What a healing gift from the heart it will be!

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Now accepting nominations for the 2018 giving season

Puka collection jars will be out during the month of November and beginning of December

Puka Lei will be gifted just before Christmas


2017 Puka Drive Heroes


Jan Hunter of Lahaina, Maui
December 2017

Jan lost her son tragically to the sea. With the collected pukas, I created this puka necklace for Jan and gifted it to her on Valentines day. It is a tangible circle of support for her to wear and call on for strength whenever she needs some extra. Huge Mahalo to everyone who passed a puka on-- it really means a lot to Jan and her family to have such a strong supportive community around them.


Sonya and Naia Niess of Pukalani, Maui
September 2017

Sonya’s Auntie nominated her for her grace and strength in caring for her daughter. We made matching Mama/Daughter healing puka necklaces for these two amazing ladies, to assist them on their journey as they search for healing for Naia who has a rare form of epilepsy.


Cynthia Clark of Kihei, Maui 
July 2017


In July 2017, our dear friend Cynthia was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She inspired the whole project and we launched our first puka drive to help her on her healing journey. The is still fighting with style, grace and the most positive attitude of gratitude we have ever seen!  


Do you know someone who would be perfect for a Puka Project? Contact us and let us know.