A Belle Surf Cafe Fundraiser for Sonya and Naia Niess


Belle has been a Puka Project Partner since the very beginning, and their continued support is so amazing - knowing they are by our side helps keep the pukas rolling!  

This Saturday, they hosted a fundraiser at the cafe and graciously donated 15% of proceeds to Naia’s health care expenses.

We had fun grinding crepes, talking story hyped up on coffee, and hangin' with uncle Zach behind the counter.

The puka jar is looking good, filled with pukas and covered in coffee grinds! Thank you to everyone who passed a puka on - I hear the Kihei Fire Department has some puka hunters among them...


Mason Jars Half Full

IMG_6127 2.JPG

This is the second time my son and I have spent the day driving around the island delivering empty mason jars to our partner drop locations for the latest puka drive. Launching the Puka Drive is always an exciting day - lots of motion, social media is pumping, positive energy exchanges all around.

This is the second time my heart starts racing at the end of the long day going… “what if it doesn’t work? What if the jars are still empty when I return!?”. Visions of empty mason jars dance in my head.

Then I snap out of this unwanted thought train and refocus. I see hands of all shapes, colors, and sizes dropping pukas shells into the jars. I hear the pukas clank as they fall into the glass. I feel the feels of people doing something meaningful for someone else. And my heart continues to race, but instead of with doubt and fear, it races with excitement and trust.

And two weeks later, I return to pick up the jars. And voila! So many pukas from the hands and hearts of our islands people. Lots of tiny ones for Naia’s necklace and some big honking beauties for Sonya’s Wonder Woman Mama Necklace.

The mana is literally tangible. I feel so lucky to handle these raw love tokens and bring them together to create wearable love and healing.

The Puka Project: Sonya and Naia Niess of Pukalani, Maui


In the words of her auntie Gail who nominated her, "Sonya is a beautiful, smart, humble goddess and mother to sweet angel Naia. Her level of love and grace will blow your mind!"

Two years ago, Naia was born with a severe and rare form of epilepsy that causes traveling seizures through her brain. The seizures have inhibited her from developing communicative and motor skills and she suffers in pain that specialists do not understand. Her loving parents have tried everything to make their daughters life better and not much has worked.


This summer, their GoFund me campaign helped them take Naia to Ecuador for a month long intensive treatment in hopes to help balance her brainwaves and begin to heal.

To read more about their story click here.

If you're inspired, get your special puka out and infuse it with the highest vibration of love. These two deserve all of the love and more.