Jan Hunter's Puka Drive Comes Full Circle on Valentines Day

The Puka Drive for Jan Hunter ran for two weeks right before Christmas. The community rallied around Jan and collected pukas and passed them on to her via the drop jars across Maui. People close to the Hunter family, Geoff's friends, and people who just wanted to send their love to Jan participated. A beautiful Tahitian Pearl was also passed on to add to her necklace. 

On Valentines day Jan and Geoff's girlfriend Brooke came over and I presented Jan with her special gift.  We spent the afternoon sipping champagne, talking story, and sharing memories of Geoff. We decided to make Geoffs dad Ross a keychain with some of the extra pukas (there were a lot!).  Jan and the whole Hunter family were honored to be part of The Puka Project.


Jan and her Pukas

She is the final recipient of the 2017 puka gifting season. See you fall 2018 for puka gifting season 2!

Holiday Puka Drive for Jan Hunter launches today!

Tis the season for giving, and we are planning on giving back in the best way we know how. The final puka drive of 2017 starts today and gives everyone the opportunity to act as a giver this season- everyone can find a puka and pass it on. We can come together and all do something small and simple and create something big and powerful.

This is Jan!

This is Jan!

This months puka project honoree is Jan Hunter, long time Maui resident, who has a heart of gold and she shared it with her late son Geoff Hunter. Geoff was a bright light- a life and ocean enthusiast and medevac pilot for AMR air in Hawaii. This April he passed tragically while free diving leaving his large ohana with broken hearts. Geoff was loved deeply and the Hunters have received an outpouring of love from the community during this difficult time. We hope through this puka drive we can bring together a tangible collection of all of the healing mana to support the Hunters on their journey forward. 

This will be Jan's first Christmas without her son and we want to bring some extra light into her life during this fragile time. 

Learn how you can pass a puka on and contribute to Jan's Puka Necklace here

You can read more about Geoff Hunter here

Geoff, doing what he loved most!

Geoff, doing what he loved most!

It is the craziest time of year where we get thrust into the world of consumerism and time and presence seem to disappear in the haze of it all.  I challenge you to step back, take a walk on the beach, think about someone else in need instead of the shopping list, and pick up a puka to pass on. Live Like Geoff!

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Paddle Out for Geoff

Paddle Out for Geoff