Dreamweaving Event with Kelea Foundation

Perri Pukas- by Romi Burianova20171009_0006.jpg

Pre-baby and puka business

when I had spare time, I started making dreamcatchers for gifts for baby showers and baby birthdays.

I graduated to hula hoop sizes and made giant dreamcatchers for my wedding that acted as the guest book.

Today they hang in the palm trees at the front of our house, and today I barely have time to brush my teeth and definitely don't have time to make dreamcatchers.

A few weeks ago Jenn Gladwin, founder of The Kelea Foundation asked if I would do a dreamcatcher workshop for her first “Kelea Craft Night” . Her programming to nurture, inspire, and empower teenage girls along with the creative community powered fundraiser is all aligned with how I see the world becoming a better place so I had to say yes.


We are both a bit overcommitted in life and somehow managed to whip the event up anyway. And it was such a success! We had 20 women, 60 yards of fabric, 6 lemongrass luau brews, 2 bottles of champagne and 1 playlist made by the teenage girls in The Girls in the Lineup Program.

We weaved our dreams and made a huge mess. I met 20 new women and taught them how to make dreamcatchers. They each made one for themselves and some to donate to fundraise for The Kelea Foundation’s impactful and much needed programming. BOOOM! Symbiotic Perfection.


Word on the street is  furniture building may be next…? I dig it!