The Artist

                                 Perri Ricci

Perri Ricci is the founder of Puka Perri.

Perri Ricci is the founder of Puka Perri.

My Journey.

It has always been hard to call myself  "An Artist"- and now here it is, in bold font exposed for the word to see. Right before I launched this website, my dear friend told me about a meditation she had where she redefined the world Artist as, "one who is moved by the beauty of the world." And at that, it all feels just right.

For me, quality of life is measured in feeling. I'll notice how I feel in a given moment and how it is creating the vibration around me. My ultimate moments are when I feel connected with my spirit, grounded in my body, and tapped into the interconnected rhythm that moves in all things. As one of my teachers Ana Forrest puts it, “to walk in a beauty way”.  This is my goal. I work everyday to move, feel moved, and express myself in this beautiful, authentic way. 

I have NOT always felt "moved by the beauty of the world". In fact,  there was a very difficult period of my life where I felt deep sadness, debilitating insecurity, and disconnection from everyone and everything. With no other choice, I took the long, scary, personal winding path of healing and evolution. It has led me here: to joy, to Wife and Mom, to social entrepreneur, to wholeness. To a place where I am ready and excited to share what I have learned.

Puka Perri allows me to open myself up as an artist and share the message of the pukas with the world. The Puka Project, a community-led effort to support and heal each other, allows all of us to share in the power of the pukas.

Peace, Love & Pukas,